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Spring 2015


The Harbor of the World
- O. Arieti
Those Italian Boys
- I. Backalenick
Friendless Featherheads
- G. Beck
- K. Cain
- J. Campbell
King Street Comanche
- B. Foster
- L. Giulianetti
Poets Out of Service
- M. Johnson
Irish Farmer
- L. Kumar
Communion Portrait
- J. Lagier
- M. Lisella
Connemara 2004
- C. Lloyd
Carrying Grandpa
- M. Lyon
The Saying of Mass
- C. Moore
Taking You home
- J. Mulligan
- P. Murray
- P. Nicholas
Resurrecting Easter Sunday
- L. Pierro
Dublin Spirts
- F. Polizzi
Nun Ponnu/They Cannot
- N. Provenzano
- K. Retzlaff
- C. Steinhoff
Strawberry Pickers, Cyprus
- J. Tarwood
Melina's Tarverna
- B. Thomas
No News
- R. Tremmel
- R. Volz
Broadway Bagel
- C. Wald
Taking My 8-Year-Old Daughter to Hear Seamus Heaney
- L. Wiley
My Mother Had a Relationship with Good Bread
- C. Young
Sicilian Traces
- A. Znaidi

Spring 2015


- J. Amato
Moving Day, 1897
- D. Corrigan
My Madeleine
- F. Dunne
A Review Of Italoamericana: The Literature Of The Great Migration, 1880–1943
- G. Fagiani
The Immigrant's Grandson
- J. Giordano
Review of The Glass Ships
- R. Crupi Holz
A Sunday Afternoon
- R. Iulo
Dark Idyll
- T. Sanfilip
The Choir Book
- G. Sullivan
Review of My Two Italies
- T. Zeppetella

Featured Artist
Richard Holz



Catherine Moore

The Saying of Mass

There’s a roman efficiency to pontification
in their no-nonsense Eucharistic celebration

an economy of how time will pass
in the Irish saying of the Mass

deftly lead by their parish priest
his simplicity elevates to holy artiste

a curious mix — a brevity of word
with glorious song and musical chord.

Parishioners lined in their pew
readily respond upon cue

their prayers, petitions and intercession
executed flawlessly without hesitation

homily — swift poignant turn of phrase
constructed to hasten everyone’s praise.

Back to prayer in Irish cadence — fast precision
visitors try to keep up with unfair competition


come up for air
continue the prayer …


Synchronize your sign of the cross
there is no virtue in chaos

When it comes time for Holy Communion
it’s as if generals deploy the congregation

expediency, order and piety abound
a flurry of activity until the musical sound.

After the musical interludes cease
its “Mass has ended let us go in peace.”

with a sprinkle of holy water
and on the heals of the father

out vestibule doors parishioners rub
following monsignor to the local pub.